Premium Guard Inc. (PGI), a pioneer and first-to-market leader in automotive aftermarket filters and the creator of PUREFLOW, advanced breathable air filtration technology, has just completed the acquisition of IPC Global Solutions (IPC), a major private label filter supplier and the creator of the ECOGARD brand of filtration products. As part of the transaction, PGI also partnered with Trive Capital, the Dallas-based private equity firm.
Born out of market need for high-quality, cost-effective automotive filtration products, ECOGARD has established itself as a leading automotive brand in a broad assortment of today's most important market channels. Trusted by customers for over ten (10) years, ECOGARD has experienced extraordinary growth while consistently executing on its promise to deliver business building innovation, award winning service, and sweet spot value.
After a battle in the Legislature and at the ballot box, Massachusetts in 2013 instituted a “right to repair” law and many now say it needs to be updated.