Precision Engineered
for True Form, Fit and Function

Premium Guard automotive and general use hose clamps feature a Stainless Steel band, and housing, and offer high torque performance. The hex head offers quick and easy fastening with our FLX Driver. Our hose clamps are packaged 10 pieces to box and 10 boxes to a case.

Point of Sale Display Options

Premium Guard's hose clamp program provides versatile point of sale options for sellers of all sizes. Customers can choose between a steel display rack suitable for wall mounting or placement on a display counter, or a plastic display rack for counter or shelf placement.

Styles Available

  • Steel wall-mounted rack
  • Plastic standing display

Detailed Product Information

pgi hose clamps in line image

Hose Clamps

PG#SAE SizesMin. Diam. (In.)Max. Diam (In.)Band & Screw
MC4Mini 45/165/88mm Band Hex Head
MC6Mini 63/87/88mm Band Hex Head
HC887/1611/2″ Band Hex Head
HC10101/21 1/161/2″ Band Hex Head
HC12121/21 1/41/2″ Band Hex Head
HC161611/161 1/21/2″ Band Hex Head
HC20203/41 3/41/2″ Band Hex Head
HC2424121/2″ Band Hex Head
HC28281 1/42 1/41/2″ Band Hex Head
HC32321 1/22 1/21/2″ Band Hex Head
HC36361 3/42 3/41/2″ Band Hex Head
HC4040231/2″ Band Hex Head
HC44442 1/43 1/41/2″ Band Hex Head
HC48482 1/23 1/21/2″ Band Hex Head
HC52522 3/43 3/41/2″ Band Hex Head
HC56563 1/1641/2″ Band Hex Head
HC64643 1/24 1/21/2″ Band Hex Head
HC72723 1/1651/2″ Band Hex Head
HC8888461/2″ Band Hex Head
HC96965 1/26 1/29/16″ Band Hex Head
HC1041046 3/1679/16″ Band Hex Head
HC1521528 7/8109/16″ Band Hex Head
FC4Fuel 147/161/29mm Band Hex Head
FC6Fuel 151/29/169mm Band Hex Head
FC8Fuel 189/165/89mm Band Hex Head

Hose Clamp Point of Sale Displays

9910Steel Display Rack for Counter or Wall
9911Plastic Display Rack

Coolant, Heater, and Preheater Hoses

PGI offers a comprehensive, high-quality automotive hose program as we strive to deliver a complete quick service solution. With Premium Guard’s hose program, you’ll always have peace of mind that the job was done right. Our automotive hoses are designed and constructed with premium materials for durability and longevity when exposed to automotive fluids and extreme temperatures generated by engines.


Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) is a durable synthetic rubber that is unaffected by engine coolants, additives, and the high-pressure conditions of vehicle cooling systems.


Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) is a compound with high resistance to mineral oils, making it a suitable choice for engine bay hoses that could come into contact with automotive oils and grease.

Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene (CSM) is a synthetic rubber that is resistant to chemicals, weathering and water and is suitable for certain automotive applications because it can withstand extreme temperatures and exposure to UV light.


Premium Guard aluminum preheater hoses feature high tensile strength, won’t crack like plastic or rubber and can be cut to desired length.

PGI #Detailed DescriptionSeaZeal #MaterialTesting
WV05325/32 Inch X 6 Feet, Length (ft): 6 Foot, Inside Diameter (In): 5/32 InchSZ1037-4EPDMUV/PRESSURE
FU01041/4 Inch X 2 Feet, Inside Diameter (In): 1/4 InchSZJ30R6-4NBR/CSMUV/PRESSURE
FU03083/8 Inch X 2 Feet, Inside Diameter (In): 3/8 InchSZJ30R6-6NBR/CSMUV/PRESSURE
FU05165/16 Inch X 2 Feet,Inside Diameter (In): 5/16 InchSZJ30R6-5NBR/CSMUV/PRESSURE
WV07327/32 Inch X 6 Feet, Length (ft): 6 Foot, Inside Diameter (In): 7/32 InchSZ1037-6EPDMUV/PRESSURE
FU03163/16 Inch X 2 Feet, Inside Diameter (In): 3/16 InchSZJ30R6-3NBR/CSMUV/PRESSURE
WV07647/64 Inch X 6 Feet, Length (ft): 6 Foot, Inside Diameter (In): 7/64 InchSZ1037-3EPDMUV/PRESSURE
HH05085/8 Inch X 6 Feet, Diameter (In): 5/8 InchSZTBJ20-10EPDMUV/PRESSURE
HH03043/4 Inch X 6 Feet, Diameter (In): 3/4 InchSZTBJ20-12EPDMUV/PRESSURE
PS03083/8 Inch X 2 Feet, Inside Diameter (In): 3/8 Inch, Length (ft): 2 FootSZPT-6EPDMUV/PRESSURE
CV153215/32 Inch X 2 Feet, Centerline Length (ft): 2 Foot, Inside Diameter (In): 15/32 InchSZJ30R7-12NBR/CSMUV/PRESSURE
RT05165/16 Inch X 2 Feet, Centerline Length (In): 24 Inch, Centerline Length (mm): 609.6mm, Inside Diameter 1 (In): 5/16 Inch, Inside Diameter 1 (mm): 7.9375mmSZTBJ20R4-8EPDMUV/PRESSURE
RT03083/8 Inch X 2 Feet, Centerline Length (In): 24 Inch, Centerline Length (mm): 609.6mm, Inside Diameter 1 (In): 3/8 Inch,Inside Diameter 1 (mm): 9.525mmSZTBJ20R4-10EPDMUV/PRESSURE
HH01021/2 Inch X 6 Feet,Diameter (In): 1/2 InchSZTBJ20-8EPDMUV/PRESSURE
CV113211/32 Inch X 2 Feet, Centerline Length (ft): 2 Foot, Inside Diameter (In): 11/32 InchSZJ30R7-9NBR/CSMUV/PRESSURE
CV193219/32 Inch X 2 Feet, Centerline Length (ft): 2 Foot, Inside Diameter (In): 19/32 InchSZJ30R7-15NBR/CSMUV/PRESSURE
FJ05165/16 Inch X 1-3/4 Feet, Material: RubberSZJ30R9-5FKM/CSMUV/PRESSURE
FJ03083/8 Inch X 1-3/4 Feet,Material: RubberSZJ30R9-6FKM/CSMUV/PRESSURE
FJ01041/4 Inch X 1-3/4 Feet, Material: RubberSZJ30R9-4FKM/CSMUV/PRESSURE
CP02182 Inch X 18 Inch, Centerline Length (ft): 1-1/2 Foot, Inside Diameter (In): 2 InchSZF-50AluminumPRESS/TENSILE
CP15181-1/2 Inch X 18 Inch, Centerline Length (ft): 1-1/2 Foot, Inside Diameter (In): 1-1/2 InchSZF-38AluminumPRESS/TENSILE
CP17181-3/4 Inch X 18 Inch,Centerline Length (ft): 1-1/2 Foot,Inside Diameter (In): 1-3/4 InchSZF-43AluminumPRESS/TENSILE
CP401840mm X 18 Inch, Centerline Length (ft): 1-1/2 Foot, Inside Diameter (mm): 40mmSZF-40AluminumPRESS/TENSILE

Features & Benefits

Market Leading Late Model Application Coverage

Premium Guard, Inc. is always ahead of the curve in product line management – making us the well-known leader in late model applications. With PGI as your supplier, you can rest assured that you will always have the newest items before your competition.

All Makes – All Models Program

We offer a comprehensive all makes – all models program from a value positioned product line that includes all automotive filtration categories.

USA Based Product Support

Although Premium Guard, Inc. is a pioneer in the global sourcing of aftermarket auto parts from low-cost regions of the world, we take great pride in our ability to offer world-class product support through our domestic engineering team at our lab in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

Integrated Marketing Support

When you partner with PGI you get much more than an aftermarket auto parts supplier. What sets us apart from the competition is the unique integrated marketing support dedicated to the private label programs that we manage. We work tirelessly to make sure our customers have all of the latest field sales tools to successfully market and sell their products.

PGI delivers true turnkey private label programs tailored to your unique performance, coverage, distribution, and pricing needs.

PGI’s manufacturing expertise and robust global supply base ensure sustainable business growth for our customers.

PGI can tailor application data distribution to your unique needs using industry-standard ACES and PIES.