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NEW YORK, Oct. 19, 2022 -- PWR Steer® (, a division of Premium Guard Inc., continues its legacy of innovation and focus on offering a complete solution that reflects a deep understanding of the installation process. The company has released a new series of Installation Ready® power steering pumps - PXR "Pulley with External Reservoir." This new product includes an external reservoir in one kit, enhancing the installation experience and empowering the professional installer and DIYer alike.

PWR has pioneered the Installation Ready® approach by offering extensive coverage of all-new parts as a complete assembly. The concept for the PXR series is designed for those applications that require progressive installations to build the complete assembly, pump first, followed by the pully, fittings, and replacement of the remote reservoir. Unlike most products in the aftermarket, PXR includes all-new OEM-quality pumps, pulleys, return line fittings, and external reservoirs with cap all in one kit.

It is worth noting that, historically, aftermarket power steering parts suffered from double digit warranty rates, while PWR's approach of offering complete all-new assembly was successful in reducing the warranty rate to a nominal single digit. PWR's Installation Ready® approach also saves the hassle of ordering sperate parts, while ensuring that the installer has everything needed to complete the job.

"We're really excited about the innovation of PXR," says Jamie Dolder, Director of Sales at PWR Steer. "As a company that strives to be first-to-market, we see PXR as a program that continues to meet our mission of helping to eliminate many of the challenges that have impacted the installer to do the job right the first time."

All PWR Steer Installation Ready products, including the new PXR program, are available today through leading automotive retailers and warehouse distributors.

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