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Better Air

PUREFLOW offers the most comprehensive line of high-quality cabin air filters for cars and light trucks.



PUREFLOW® home filters feature advanced filtration technology such as HEPA and activated carbon media.


Bad Odors

PUREFLOW car air fresheners fit snuggly into the pleats of the cabin air filter for a truly discreet design.


Using advanced filtration technology, our filters remove allergens, airborne contaminants, dust, cigarette smoke, fumes & other pollutants. .

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PUREFLOW® cabin air filters ensure the comfort and good health of passengers while maintaining optimal performance of the car’s climate control system and protecting the delicate components within.
PureFlow HEPA Cabin Air Filters are built with high-grade activated charcoal and don’t just mask unpleasant odors in your car. They eliminate odors entirely by trapping pollutants present in the air, creating an indoor atmosphere that is consistently fresh.
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PUREFLOW car air fresheners are compatible with all cars equipped with a cabin air filter. To install, simply remove the cabin air filter and insert the PUREFLOW air freshener into the pleats. Next, slide the cabin air filter and air freshener duo back into the filter housing and enjoy PUREFLOW’s naturally inspired and balanced aroma for the next 90 days.
Air pollution in most homes can be up to 5X higher than outside, and the adverse effects aren’t usually felt right away. Instead, they tend to happen slowly over an extended timeline, and before you know it, you or a loved one could be dealing with a serious illness. When you install a PUREFLOW® HVAC air filter, you’re not just replacing the air conditioner filter; you’re upgrading to peace of mind and a living experience free of harmful airborne contaminants. It’s time to bring PUREFLOW® Home Furnace Air Filters into your home and shut the door on indoor air pollution.
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